“Look around at the godless nations. Look long and hard. Brace yourself for a shock. Something’s about to take place and you’re going to find it hard to believe. I’m about to raise up Babylonians to punish you, Babylonians, fierce and ferocious— World-conquering Babylon, grabbing up nations right and left, A dreadful and terrible people,Continue reading “Do You Not See It? (WAKE UP, WAKE UP AND REPENT!)”

The Wind and the Fire Are Coming!

In a recent dream. I was standing in a house with my husband and my children.  Through a window we could see a fire tornado off in the distance.  It was daytime but there was a large cloud of darkness above the storm.  My husband and I grabbed our children and ran down into theContinue reading “The Wind and the Fire Are Coming!”

Church Where Is The Sustenance?!

In a recent dream, I was sitting in a restaurant. There was a group of older women sitting at three tables near me. One table to the left, to the right and one in front of me. The women were eating and chatting. One of the women came to the table in front of meContinue reading “Church Where Is The Sustenance?!”