The Incubation of a God Dream

I really like the word incubation. It speaks to warmth, and intimacy. The bond between a mother and her unborn baby is indescribable. You become pregnant, suddenly you are thrusted into an all consuming love for a person that is literally connected to your very being. It’s an amazing process that only God could haveContinue reading “The Incubation of a God Dream”

Silence Can Protect you as you Wait for God.

I recently found myself under spiritual attack. The Holy Spirit had been nudging me about what was coming but I wasn’t sure of how to respond. Before I knew it I was thrusted into making a major decision that I honestly was not prepared to make at the time. Confusion set in as I evaluatedContinue reading “Silence Can Protect you as you Wait for God.”

There is No One Else Like You!

In a world full of fake images and pretentious, robotic like people, it can be rare to find those who are authentic! We see so many people wasting their lives showing off for others all while failing to be aware of who God actually created them to be. So many are blinded by the world’sContinue reading “There is No One Else Like You!”