Stepping Over Into Prosperity

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Are you ready for what God has promised you? Have you taken the steps to receive what he has been holding for you? We have crossed over into a new season of promise and provision. Many children of God will now start to see the manifestation of what he spoke. Those things that he created and ordained for you are going to unfold in front of your eyes. Now we must be ready to take hold of all that God is releasing to us.


Being Content in a World Full of Pressure

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I recently turned 35 and realized that I am more content than I have ever been before.  It is such a blessing to not feel pressured to perform like I once did.  Have you stopped to evaluate how you feel?  Check your level of contentment and allow yourself to take a break from the weight of the world around you. There is something special about being able to be content under pressure. The Lord has a beautiful way of showing us how to remain calm when the world around us seems to be at its most turbulent. With his glorious almighty power he strengthens us to stand and to be at peace while we do it. Join me on my intro podcast chat about Being Content in a World Full of Pressure.

Don’t Give the Enemy any Ammo

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Sometimes we give the enemy access to us without realizing it. Prematurely discussing what God is doing in our lives can be harmful so we must remember to use discernment. It is easy to get caught in excitement and wanting to share our God dreams and ideas with others. But we must be aware that this can sometimes be the wrong decision. Join me in this podcast chat Don’t Give the Enemy any Ammo.



Let us not be afraid of jumping out on faith and taking risks.  Some things only happen when we allow God to increase our courage and to give us his strength to accomplish the dreams that he has given to us. Join me in my episode 3 podcast chat Take the Leap.

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