Just Go With It

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“But there are some things that you cannot be sure of. You must take a chance. If you wait for perfect weather, you will never plant your seeds. If you are afraid that every cloud will bring rain, you will never harvest your crops.”

Ecclesiastes 11:4

I’ll be the first to admit that I love to be in control of pretty much everything. I really do enjoy knowing what each and every step is going to be when setting out to do something. I like to feel as though I have the capability to start and stop whatever situation I am in at all times. For me the unknown can be very uncomfortable to flow into. Don’t get me wrong, I love change. Actually, I need it to function at my best. But I also have a need for dominance in most areas of my life. So learning to just go with the flow” is definitely not my motto. I’m more like a “who’s going to be there and what happens after?” kind of person. I like to know what I’m getting myself into long before I will even consider doing something. That can be a great thing, being cautious, aware and alert. But it can also cause stagnation, fear, doubt and complacency. Eventually, caution becomes an excuse to not move toward something for fear that it won’t be what you expect it to be. Let’s chat about how to Just Go With It.

Recently my husband and I ventured into a new career direction. It has been exciting but also challenging to let go of the feeling of security. Whenever we are led into something new it can be quite overwhelming to dive head first into the unknown. Unsure of the outcome we must take a leap, leaving all sense of certainty behind. There are times when God will ask you to take a risk in trusting him with what you do not know. It is at these times that our faith is truly tested. We must rely on the word of the Lord to carry us from what we once knew into what we have never experienced before. This can be frightening. Many thoughts may overtake us. What am I going to do if this doesn’t work out? How will I bounce back if I fall? Is God really asking me to do this? So what do we do when we don’t know what will happen after we take a step into something new? We read and trust the bible. God has gifted us with everything that we need in his word, let’s look at Ecclesiastes.

Ecclesiastes 11

Boldly Face the Future

11 Do good wherever you go.  After a while, the good you do will come back to you.

Invest what you have in several different things.  You don’t know what bad things might happen on earth.

There are some things you can be sure of. If clouds are full of rain, they will pour water on the earth. If a tree falls—to the south or to the north—then it will stay where it falls.

But there are some things that you cannot be sure of. You must take a chance. If you wait for perfect weather, you will never plant your seeds. If you are afraid that every cloud will bring rain, you will never harvest your crops.

You don’t know where the wind blows. And you don’t know how a baby grows in its mother’s womb. In the same way, you don’t know what God will do—and he makes everything happen.

So begin planting early in the morning, and don’t stop working until evening. You don’t know what might make you rich. Maybe everything you do will be successful.

It is good to be alive. It is nice to see the light from the sun. You should enjoy every day of your life, no matter how long you live. But remember that you will die, and you will be dead much longer than you were alive. And after you are dead, you cannot do anything.

Serve God While You Are Young

So young people, enjoy yourselves while you are young. Be happy. Do whatever your heart leads you to do. Do whatever you want, but remember that God will judge you for everything you do. 10 Don’t let your anger control you, and don’t let your body lead you to sin.  People do foolish things in the dawn of life while they are young.

The word of God is perfect in everyway. Even the titles of the chapters tell us exactly what we need to know. The bible tells us in the title of Ecclesiastes 11 to “boldly face the future”. If we want to know how to proceed in taking the first step into something new, we must do it boldly! In whatever we choose to do, our goal must be to do good. That is the first step. The next step is to invest in many things. The word says that we do not know what bad things will happen. It goes on to say that there are some things that we can be sure of and some that we cannot. There are times when we simply will not know how something will turn out. We can only take a chance to see the end result of that thing. Neither waiting for perfection nor fear of what will come should keep us from stepping forward. If we wait we will never achieve anything.

God is in full control and he makes everything happen. We do not know what he will allow us to be successful in doing. The next step is to start early in the morning planting our seeds and to end our work late in the evening, again we don’t know what God will prosper. We may even become rich and successful. But most of all we cannot do a thing after we are dead, therefore, we should do what we can and enjoy our lives while we are young.

Lastly, we are to remember not only to enjoy our lives but to be wise in all that we do. We are not to allow the foolish ways of our youth to entrap us in sin and to cause us to fall. In the end we will all be judged for what we do.

This scripture is so powerful. I love Ecclesiastes because it explains what we should and should not do so plainly. The principles in this scripture are enlightening to say the least. It shows us that there are times when we will just have to take a chance in life. We may not always know what is going to happen or be in control of our circumstances but we can rest assured that if we try, all will work out as it should. We know that because the bible tells us that God is in control and makes everything happen. It also tells us that “he works all things together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28. If we love God and are called for his purpose, if he plans all and makes all things happen and does this for our good, then we know we will do well in the steps that he asks us to take! He blesses what he has already planned for us to do. He asks us to trust him and to do it.

I pray that this discussion was a blessing to you. I hope that is helpful in showing you how to just go with what God is calling you into even when it does not make sense or look clear to you. I pray that you find comfort in knowing that God has your back. If he is in control of your walk you can never be led in the wrong direction. The next time you are facing uncertainty and are in doubt about taking a step forward, Just Go With It.

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Stepping Over Into Prosperity

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Are you ready for what God has promised you? Have you taken the steps to receive what he has been holding for you? We have crossed over into a new season of promise and provision. Many children of God will now start to see the manifestation of what he spoke. Those things that he created and ordained for you are going to unfold in front of your eyes. Now we must be ready to take hold of all that God is releasing to us. Join me on my podcast as we discuss this new season of blessings.

Earth is Not the Only World

“We are still alive because the Lord’s faithful love never ends.”

‭‭Lamentations‬ ‭3:22‬ ‭ERV‬‬

I am going to be extremely transparent for a moment. The reason I am sharing this story is because I believe that people need to know the truth. The world that we physically live in is not the only dimension of existence. We hear the stories of people having out of body experiences after dying, only to be brought back to life with jaw dropping tales. But what if I told you that it’s all true. What if you yourself had one of these encounters, what would you do? Well that is exactly what happened to me in my early adult years. I want to share this testimony with others so they can know that there truly is more than just what we know here on this earth. We need to be aware so we can be ready. By ready, I mean have a real connection to Jesus before we die. Let’s chat about Earth is Not the Only World.

When I was younger I experimented with drugs a bit. In my mind back then I wasn’t doing anything too “hard” so I was okay. The truth is I was headed straight to hell I just didn’t know it then. It was a time in my life where I just decided I would try stuff just to kind of see what it was like to be on different things. I was so lost back then. One day I was hanging out with a couple of friends and one of them had something called salvia. It’s a drug that shouldn’t be but can be smoked for certain sedative effects. What’s worse is that this wasn’t a street drug. You could literally walk right into a smoke shop and pick the stuff up. What we didn’t know was that salvia can be deadly if too much is consumed. As my friends and I are sitting in their room, one of them lights up a huge “blunt” of the stuff. I watch them take a couple of puffs, then it’s my turn. I literally take two hits and that was it. I passed it back to them and suddenly I was thrusted into what I can only describe as the most bone chilling experience I have ever had!

As we are sitting there we all start laughing hysterically. While laughing with them I realize that things seem to be slowing down. The next thing I know is I can see my friends laughing but I can no longer hear them. As I’m staring at them trying to figure out what is happening, I notice that the room seems to be getting smaller. Wait, it’s not getting smaller, I’m getter taller? But I’m sitting down on the floor. I’m thinking what in the world is going on? That’s when it dawns on me that I can see myself sitting on the floor. I’m suddenly looking down at my friends and myself. Before I could think another thought, I was gone! I mean I was no longer in that room! But I have absolutely no idea where I was! All I see is white, there’s nothing else just white. Out of nowhere pictures pop up in front of me, I can tell they are some sort of pictures but I can’t see them. They are literally speeding by in front of me. Like a really long film reel, but moving at the speed of light. Next thing I know I dropped back down into my body on the floor in the room with my friends again. Wow, they’re still laughing. Oh my God!! Where did I just go? How much time has passed? I had no idea, all I knew is that I never felt worse!! I have never been more terrified, confused and just totally sickened to my core. I literally felt like I needed to vomit, as I got up I was completely sober. No more laughing, I couldn’t even talk to them. I knew that something very very wrong had just happened, and I didn’t know how to even begin to process it. It was the only time in my life that I cannot account for time. It just wasn’t there. As I said my friends were still laughing once I came back, so I don’t know how long I was gone. It was the scariest experience I have ever had. But the thing that startled me the most, is that even though I wasn’t in my body during that time period. I was still alive. I could still think and see. I knew that I existed but I wasn’t on this earth. Guys, my body was here, but my spirit was somewhere else, somewhere where time does not exist. No color, no time, no sound, just me. This means that when we die, we do still exist, we just don’t live here anymore!

Now you may be wondering why I am telling you all of this. It’s a pretty personal story, one that honestly I wasn’t sure about sharing. But I believe God wants to me tell this because he wants to open our eyes to the truth. The truth is that heaven and hell are real places. God created it all, just because we cannot see the other worlds doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just like we can see the other planets in the galaxy but we do not reside there. Right now we live on earth in the body’s that God created for us to live in. They are conducive for where we live, on earth. But we have a spirit and a soul. They are only kept inside of our natural body’s because it is conducive. But it is not because they cannot exist elsewhere. And if our body’s die, then our spirit’s and souls go elsewhere to reside, heaven or hell. Our spirit and our soul is who we really are! That is why God is urging all of us to choose Jesus. To live a life of sacrifice with our natural body because he knows that this world is temporary. One day we will leave this earth, but we will still exist. When we die on earth our body only dies once. But when our souls dies in hell, it dies repeatedly forever. Where we go will depend on who we choose to live for while on this earth. We need to be aware of this so that we can be ready at all times. It wasn’t my time that day. Because God is faithful and loving he chose to let me live that day. But if I would not have been given another chance, I would be in hell right now!I thank God for allowing me to experience that, it really changed my life. I pray that it will help you too. Until our next chat, be blessed.

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““Don’t be afraid of people. They can kill the body, but they cannot kill the soul. The only one you should fear is God, the one who can send the body and the soul to be destroyed in hell.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭10:28‬ ‭ERV‬‬

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