Do Not Be Afraid of the Dark!

God is meeting you in the dark! It is time for a move of the Holy Spirit in the places where you have been hidden in the dark.

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The Lord has asked me to share a word NOW that was given to me back in 2020. I believe this is a word of encouragement for someone. May God bless you.

The Stare

She inhales as the smoke cloud fills the room. Screaming in the distance, “Yal hear that?” Yelling gets louder “HELP, HELP ME!” Skylar throws the joint in the ashtray and opens the front door. “HELP ME, HELP ME PLEASE!” There is a woman running toward her. Skylar responds, “Oh my God, are you okay?” Katrina runs to the door, “what’s going on?” “There’s a girl out here who needs help. I do not know what is wrong. Call 911!”

“Hello, a woman just ran to my front door begging for help, she’s naked from the waist down! I think she might be pregnant.” “Are you pregnant? Ma’am are you pregnant?” Woman yells in pain, “aaahh” Skylar yells, “What’s wrong? Are you hurting?” “I’m sorry ma’am I can’t tell what’s wrong, she’s just yelling and begging me to help her! Please send someone now!” “Miss did you take something?” “I can’t tell, she may be on something. Okay, I will. Thank you! The police and the paramedics are on the way! Do not worry ma’am, they will be here soon. Katrina, grab a towel from inside to cover her up. Here sit down in the chair. What’s your name?” The woman screams, “aaahhh!” She murmurs “Lindsey.” Skylar responds “Lindsey? Okay Lindsey, I’m Sky.” Lindsey in agony whispers, “please help me!” Skylar tries to calm her down, “Don’t worry Lindsey, I’m right here. Help is coming.” Silently, Skylar starts praying.

Suddenly, Lindsey starts growling and convulsing. “Aaaarrrgggh.” Katrina’s voice quivers, “What’s, what’s wrong with her? Maybe she took something.” Skylar replies, “That doesn’t seem like a drug to me, she’s growling!” Lindsey is shaking uncontrollably and slides out of the chair onto the concrete and hits her head. Katrina “Uhuh that doesn’t seem right, get away from her Sky!” Still praying Skylar responds. “NO! I’m not leaving her until they get here!” She knows there is more going on here than what meets the natural eye. She’s seen this before.

Suddenly the paramedics run up to them, “What’s going on?” Skylar replies, “She just ran up to us screaming for help. We don’t know what’s wrong with her.” The medics talk to Lindsey, “Ma’am, ma’am can you hear me? What’s your name?” Skylar responds, “She said her name is Lindsey.” The medic asks, “Lindsey, can you hear me? What is wrong? Did you take something?” Have you been drinking?” Lindsey starts growling again and suddenly is no longer coherent. The paramedics casually continue to talk to her, but she is not responsive. Increasingly becoming impatient he turns to tell Skylar, “There’s really nothing we can do if she’s not going to tell us what’s going on. We have to go on another call but if she’s still here when we’re done, we will come back to see if we can help her.” Skylar responds, “okay.”

As the police arrive, they start asking questions. What is your name? Skylar responds, her name is Lindsey. Officer Briggs asks, “Lindsey have you taken any drugs tonight?” Lindsey does not respond. “Okay if you don’t get up from there Lindsey, we’re going to have to take you to jail, do you understand?” Another officer states, “She’s playing around. We don’t a have time for this! We either need to take her in or have her committed to a mental facility.” Skylar tries to talk to Lindsey. “Lindsey listen if you don’t get up, they’re going to take you to jail.” Lindsey is still unresponsive. The paramedics return, yet they too are unable to get Lindsey to come to. They start conversing with the officers.

Skylar slowly scans her surroundings and realizes everyone is engaged in conversation.  The police, the paramedics, the neighbor’s, everyone is laughing and chatting amongst themselves.  Completely oblivious to the ominous circumstances before them.  No one seems to have any concern about Lindsey who is still lying on the ground, knocked out cold.  Skylar in disbelief is questioning what is happening before her eyes and she takes in the situation.  She thinks to herself, “None of these people give a damn about this poor girl, not even none of them can see what’s happening here.”  Just then Lindsey starts to come to.  Skylar looks at Lindsey and she sits up.  Officer Briggs says to her ” Lindsey so glad to see you back with us.  It’s time for you to get up and go home now.”  Lindsey stands up and staring at him with a menacing glare.  Her dim eyes piercing through him like a spike.  With a sinister grin, in a deviously, playful voice she ridicules him, “Okay officer, you go home first.”  Officer Briggs annoyed by her antics, replies, ” Look we’ve been nice about this okay, if you don’t go home now, we are going to take you to jail!”  Lindsey laughingly mocks him in return “You go home officer; I’ll go home when you go home!” 

As the officers’ escort Lindsey off, she turns and looks at Skylar. Neither of them saying a word aloud, she can hear a voice utter, “You see, I’m right in front of their faces and they do not see me!” She smiles and calmly walks back down the sidewalk. Skylar turns back toward her apartment, she and Katrina gaze at each other.

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