New Agreement, New Church

On November 10, 2020 I had a dream. In this dream I was in a house with my husband. He and I were looking out of a window toward the front yard. Outside I could see a friend of mine. I went outside to talk with him. My husband stayed inside and continued to watch from the window. After going outside to meet my friend I suddenly realized that he was leaving and that I would never see him again. In a non-romantic manner I began hugging him repeatedly and I kissed him goodbye. I knew this would be the last time I would ever lay eyes on my friend again so I continuously said goodbye, then I woke up.

My husband is a representation of Christ in this dream. The window represents spiritual revelation. The house is a representation of being inside the house of God. My friend’s first name means church, his middle name means everlasting and his last name means replacer. A kiss and hug represent a covenant and agreement.

This is what I believe the Lord is saying in this dream to the Body of Christ.

The old church system is outside of the house of God. The old way of doing things has passed away. It is literally disappearing before our eyes. Many do not want to let go of the past and of the old way of doing things. But those who want to be in alignment with the will of God must come back into HIS house! It is time to kiss the old agreement goodbye and go back into the “HOUSE” of God with Jesus, by coming into alignment with the new agreement! This new agreement has already been established by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. To live in the new, we must say goodbye to the old!

The beautiful part about this word is that the new agreement was given so that we could be blessed with God’s Grace. We no longer need to live according to the old written laws that were given before Christ died. They were provided so that our ancestors would be able to walk with God. Now we have been given a better covenant with Jesus Christ as our foundation, therefore we are saved by grace. We are to obey the word of God and are not to take advantage of the grace that has been FREELY given to us. We are also called to walk in that new freedom and are not to destroy the meaning of God’s Grace by trying to follow the old law. By following the old law we bring death to ourselves, instead of the everlasting life that Jesus gave.

But we know that no one is made right with God by following the law. It is trusting in Jesus Christ that makes a person right with God. So we have put our faith in Christ Jesus, because we wanted to be made right with God. And we are right with him because we trusted in Christ—not because we followed the law. I can say this because no one can be made right with God by following the law. We Jews came to Christ to be made right with God, so it is clear that we were sinners too. Does this mean that Christ makes us sinners? Of course not. But I would be wrong to begin teaching again those things that I gave up. It was the law itself that caused me to end my life under the law. I died to the law so that I could live for God. I have been nailed to the cross with Christ. So I am not the one living now—it is Christ living in me. I still live in my body, but I live by faith in the Son of God. He is the one who loved me and gave himself to save me. I am not the one destroying the meaning of God’s grace. If following the law is how people are made right with God, then Christ did not have to die.
Galatians 2:16‭-‬21 ERV

The word of God clearly tells us that we are no longer bound to the old law of works.  In fact the only way that we can please God is to follow Christ and submit ourselves to his new agreement of grace.  If we follow the old agreement we are not trusting Jesus.

Why are we beginning again to tell you all these good things about ourselves? Do we need letters of introduction to you or from you, like some other people? No, you yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts. It is known and read by all people. You show that you are a letter from Christ that he sent through us. This letter is not written with ink but with the Spirit of the living God. It is not written on stone tablets but on human hearts. We can say this, because through Christ we feel sure before God. I don’t mean that we are able to do anything good ourselves. It is God who makes us able to do all that we do. He made us able to be servants of a new agreement from himself to his people. It is not an agreement of written laws, but it is of the Spirit. The written law brings death, but the Spirit gives life. The old agreement that brought death, written with words on stone, came with God’s glory. In fact, the face of Moses was so bright with glory (a glory that was ending) that the people of Israel could not continue looking at his face. So surely the new agreement that comes from the life-giving Spirit has even more glory. This is what I mean: That old agreement judged people guilty of sin, but it had glory. So surely the new agreement that makes people right with God has much greater glory. That old agreement had glory. But it really loses its glory when it is compared to the much greater glory of the new agreement. If the agreement that was brought to an end came with glory, then the agreement that never ends has much greater glory. We are so sure of this hope that we can speak very openly. We are not like Moses, who put a covering over his face. He covered his face so that the people of Israel would not see it. The glory was disappearing, and Moses did not want them to see it end. But their minds were closed. And even today, when those people read the writings of the old agreement, that same covering hides the meaning. That covering has not been removed for them. It is taken away only through Christ. Yes, even today, when they read the Law of Moses, there is a covering over their minds. But when someone changes and follows the Lord, that covering is taken away. The Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And our faces are not covered. We all show the Lord’s glory, and we are being changed to be like him. This change in us brings more and more glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.
2 Corinthians 3:1‭-‬18 ERV

Many believers are attempting to hang on to a fading glory! Many are trying to cover their faces to keep others from seeing the glory fade away from them. But the truth is that all we need to do is TRANSITION into the new agreement that we have been given. That is the place where the glory of God is. And the new agreement is better than old one. There is no reason to hold on to what is no longer useful.

But the work that has been given to Jesus is much greater than the work that was given to those priests. In the same way, the new agreement that Jesus brought from God to his people is much greater than the old one. And the new agreement is based on better promises. If there was nothing wrong with the first agreement, then there would be no need for a second agreement. But God found something wrong with the people. He said, “The time is coming, says the Lord, when I will give a new agreement to the people of Israel and to the people of Judah. It will not be like the agreement that I gave to their fathers. That is the agreement I gave when I took them by the hand and led them out of Egypt. They did not continue following the agreement I gave them, and I turned away from them, says the Lord. This is the new agreement I will give the people of Israel. I will give this agreement in the future, says the Lord: I will put my laws in their minds, and I will write my laws on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people. Never again will anyone have to teach their neighbors or their family to know the Lord. All people—the greatest and the least important—will know me. And I will forgive the wrongs they have done, and I will not remember their sins.” Jeremiah 31:31-34

God called this a new agreement, so he has made the first agreement old. And anything that is old and useless is ready to disappear. Hebrews 8:6‭-‬13 ERV

Let us rejoice in celebration for the new agreement that God has so kindly given to us through his son Jesus Christ.  No longer do we have to follow the old ways of living.  It is time for the church to remember the new agreement that Christ died for us to walk and live in.  The Lord is urging all believer’s to return to his house and to let go of the past.  He loves us and wants to see the promises he has given to us be fulfilled in our lives.  I encourage you to study these scriptures for yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you where you may be falling short of walking in our new agreement in Christ.  Until our next chat, be blessed.

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