5 Things You Need to Know Before Marriage PART 1

My husband and are coming into our fifth year of marriage this week.  I’m so excited and feel so blessed to have made it this far in this amazing union.  It is an honor and a truly a gift from God that has molded me and altered my life in the best of ways.  WithContinue reading “5 Things You Need to Know Before Marriage PART 1”

The Power of Forgiveness

The Lord has been dealing with my heart in the area of forgiveness.  He’s been humbling me and causing me to recognize where I have been the offender in past conflicts and situations.  It can be quite uncomfortable to admit our shortcomings especially in the area of forgiveness, because we tend to lean toward theContinue reading “The Power of Forgiveness”

The Wind and the Fire Are Coming!

In a recent dream. I was standing in a house with my husband and my children.  Through a window we could see a fire tornado off in the distance.  It was daytime but there was a large cloud of darkness above the storm.  My husband and I grabbed our children and ran down into theContinue reading “The Wind and the Fire Are Coming!”