Church Where Is The Sustenance?!

In a recent dream, I was sitting in a restaurant. There was a group of older women sitting at three tables near me. One table to the left, to the right and one in front of me. The women were eating and chatting. One of the women came to the table in front of meContinue reading “Church Where Is The Sustenance?!”

Your Covering is Your Glory

A few days ago I had a dream that I didn’t think much of at first.  That was until the Holy Spirit led me to a scripture that brought clarity and the joy of divine revelation to me, that which only the Lord can give! In this dream I was looking into a mirror, fromContinue reading “Your Covering is Your Glory”

Trusting a Trespasser

There was a man who would walk through his beautiful, lush garden with his children every day. They would stroll along happily in conversation, looking at the amazing beauty he had created for them to enjoy. He was a loving, kind and giving father. One day something devastating happened. The man’s children came upon aContinue reading “Trusting a Trespasser”