Serenity in the Simple Places

When I was a teenager I would hang out at the river as often as I could. The riverfront was one of my favorite places to go to let go of stress, to just relax and sit in silence. I would stare at the water for hours, thinking about life, talking to God or just clearing my mind. It was one of the most peaceful and serene places for me. Water does that for me, it always has. Something about water calms my spirit and soul like nothing else does. My love for water has not changed, every city and town seems to have that special little waterfront spot; it might be a beach, lake, river, creek, it doesn’t matter. It is all the same to me, I just need the water and the beauty. No matter where I live, I make it my mission to find that special place to call my own. I single out the perfect place to sit in silence, clear my mind and talk with God. I make it my secret space to just be. I have found that no matter where I am, that need goes with me. That simple place of peace is my place of serenity. We all need that. A special place of peace that is just for us! I encourage you if you haven’t found your special place to just be, then do it! Sometimes we forget that our serenity can be found in the simplest of places.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment, life as an adult has not always been the exhilarating experience that we fantasized that it would be when we were young. All of the responsibilities that we have to fulfill can be downright overwhelming. Finding ways to balance can be such a challenge when we are required to spread ourselves out in so many different directions on a daily basis. This is why it is essential that we are intentional in finding ways to balance ourselves. We must prioritize our peace and rest just as we do with everything else. Finding our personal place of serenity and taking the time to rejuvenate in that safe space is critical to our well being, to our sanity, to our souls.

Whenever we take the time to go off from our daily hustle, from the constant demand of our loved ones, to just breathe and be who we are, we allow ourselves to become the best version of us that we can be. We are able to function in a healthier way. It is like we set the reset button on our mind, body and spirit. We can spend quality time with God and let him speak clearly to us without restrictions or distractions. In doing so, we gain a more intimate connection to our father, gain more confidence in who we are outside of everyone else, and we are able to be better for others.

I encourage you again to find that special place that is just for you! Go there as often as you can and just relax every part of you. Take a load off, allow your mind to just go blank and be still. Don’t do anything, simply go there and just be, trust me you need it! Until our next chat, be blessed.

Published by She' Sims

I'm a wife and mom of 3. Looking to make a difference in the lives of others.

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